Why Pay More?

Over recent decades the Uniform Industry has experienced many changes with the decline of British Manufacturing and the emergence of quality Stock Ranges becoming available to suit a wide range of uniform and workwear needs.

In the past many large organisations would opt to go through a bespoke tailoring process from design to manufacture, giving them a unique corporate identity, but this was often a timely and more costly process which also had its challenges including sizing variations and stock levels.

In recent years, and with the economic climate being challenging, many Companies have opted for the more affordable and flexible solution by using Stock Ranges from leading suppliers such as Brook Taverner, Clubclass and Skopes – benefiting from reduced costs and time delays while still receiving fantastic quality and Corporate Wear garments that are ‘fit for purpose’.

So – how much can you save – or more importantly how do you know you are not overpaying?

Like many other Industries, suppliers such as Brook Taverner, Skopes and Clubclass are available to the Trade only and as such generally operate a relatively flat price scheme with all Uniform Suppliers buying at similar prices.

So – what are you paying for?

Obviously you are paying for the garments in question but you are also paying for the Company’s overhead who is supplying you, and this is where we know Signature Uniforms has the advantage.

Since our creation we have operated a lean business model and always had a keen focus on keeping our overhead low – enabling us to pass savings to you – and therefore making us one of the most competitive Uniform and Workwear Suppliers not just in Leeds but across the UK.

This approach means we do not need to inflate our prices, so YOU are not paying for things such as big cars for Executives and large shiny offices – someone has to pay for them – and its YOU the customer!

Whether you are interested in the new Performance Collection or Sophisticated Range from Brook Taverner which include Industry leading garments such as the Avalino Jacket and Trouser and Langham suits or their Concept collection which includes core garments including the Alpha Jacket and Delta Trouser – which is an extremely popular garment within the Security Uniform Industry – it is important to not pay more than you should.

We regulalrly spend time checking our Competitors’ prices and are not aware of any that will beat us on price – so when it comes to leading Brands you really should come to us!  We will save your Company serious money whilst offering our unique 2 year quality guarantee, fixed pricing, and excellent after sales.

And its not just Corporate Wear – we are also continually expanding our Workwear Brands as well and are pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of adding the Kustom Kit collection and Russell collection of Corporate workwear and Hospitality products to our Ranges.

If you want fantastic flexibility, quality, first class customer service and above all best value than Signature uniforms are here for you.

by Cameron Cooper

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