Why image-savvy bars and restaurants should tailor staff uniforms too

Image is everything in the trend-setting London bars and restaurants – they like to stay in vogue with the latest craze, often taking inspiration from elegant eateries abroad.

The fad of the moment, for example, is ‘twinning’ – taking two complementary items and fashioning a menu around them.

Walk along the stylish streets of Covent Garden, or even Camden Town, and you might happen across a Champagne and fromage bar, burger and lobster joint or even a Bubbledogs (hot dogs and bubbly, in case you’re wondering!).

The latest pairing to join the ranks is Trufflesecco, twinning truffles and prosecco, very up-market don’t you think?

So, the menu might be bang on trend, but what about the surroundings and staff?

When tailoring a specialist menu, venues usually tailor the decor to suit – but do they also tailor their staff uniforms?

If you really want to go the whole hog and make a meal of the latest trend, you can’t forget to style your staff too! In the same way that chefs understand presentation is key (a dish wouldn’t be the same without those parmesan shavings, swirl of balsamic or sprig of parsley) your front-of-house staff are your brand ambassadors and should look equally as good.

If you’re styling your venue to look like a fancy Florence eaterie, you don’t want your staff letting the side down with a uniform that belongs in McDonalds. You want sleek, you want chic, you want stylish and smart.

An employee’s appearance should underpin your brand, your venue standards and ethos.  It completes the experience and ensures guests really do feel transported to a far-flung destination – if that’s the look and feel you’re going for.

A pristine uniform also adds weight to an employee’s authority and gives those charged to their care confidence in their abilities, and the brand as a whole.

So next time you change your menu or decor to stay hip and trendy, don’t forget to style your staff to suit.  A badly dressed waiter or waitress can ruin the whole customer experience.  If you’ve invested in a menu as fancy as Trufflesecco’s – can you afford not to take that into account?



by muktar@signatureuniforms.co.uk

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