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As one of the most competitive Suppliers of Corporate Wear in the U.K. it is important that we only supply ‘the best’ in each ‘style category ‘ – bear in mind we offer a 2 year guarantee – so we have to be really sure that our products are first class.

That is the reason we only align ourselves with Suppliers who have proven garments – covering head to foot.  These are but a few:

1.         Brook Taverner – the largest Supplier of both men’s and ladies structured garments in Europe.  Their extensive ranges and styling helps provide ‘something for everyone’ and can fit almost any shape or size – offering short fittings, regular fittings, and long fittings.

Their ‘entry level Ranges’ are worn by many of the Bus and Coach Companies as they need to be sturdy whilst being stylish and ‘fit for purpose’.  In almost every case the fabrics are washable.

Their ‘mid Ranges’ are more suitable for ‘front of house staff’ where the look has to be sharp as well as practical – both men’s and ladies.

Their ‘top end Ranges’  are stylish and worn by many Financial Institutions and Blue Chip Companies.

2.         Skopes – a longstanding and established Supplier to Retail and Corporatewear.  Particular emphasis is placed on styling and fabrics including their Business Boutique Range, 24/6, and Essential Ranges – meeting the requirements of all their many Corporate customers.  Skopes also have a large and growing Business in Retail, and have numerous Concessions in major High Street Retailers.  Their stock ranges can be seen in Building Societies, Hotels, and other Blue Chip Companies where excellence in Clothing is a must.

3.         Clubclass – as a massive Supplier to Retail this Company has an extensive range of well made, high performance garments.  With their long history and their knowledge of the garment Industry the structure of their garments are second to none.  High performance, hard wearing fabrics, modern styling, and excellent after sales.

4.         Kustom Kit – the leader in providing garments for the Bar and Restaurant Trade.  Slick and modern styling covering all sizes.

5.         Vortex Designs – the Leader in the supply of ladies blouses.  Beautifully made and expert fabric selections have put Vortex in the vanguard of quality blouses and tops.  Their brand new Range for 2014 will be on our website very shortly.

6.         Disley – This Irish based Company has a reputation second to none for quality shirts and blouses – hardwearing, proven fabrics, covering all sizes and styles.

All the above can be seen on our Website and we are happy to quote for ‘Contract customers’ at any time.

by Cameron Cooper

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