Personalising your uniform is a great, cost effective way to promote your company and brand. There are many ways in which we can help personalise your garments. Regardless of the type of garment we have a solution to meet your needs.



We have the latest technology to convert your company logo/name into intricate embroidery, which becomes an integral part of the garment design.

This is a cost effective way of personalising your garments and can be carried out on almost any item in almost any position.
We stock a huge range of thread colours and can replicate your logo exactly matching the thread to pantone references where necessary. Please contact the sales team for more details.

Heat Sealing

Heat Seal badges can carry your company name or logo, or can be supplied with standard text such as SECURITY, SUPERVISOR, VISITOR, etc.

These badges usually have a reflective element to them – either the text/logo or the background. Please contact the sales team for a list or standard badges we can provide.

Heat sealing can be useful when personalising waterproof garments, as the process does not break the waterproof coating of the garment. There are several options we offer for heat sealing, including heat seal Badges, transfers or free standing text.


With this method heat is applied to the garment, giving a detailed reproduction of your logo. Transfers can be applied to almost every item in our brochure, including shirts, jackets and sweaters.
Transfers are most useful when dealing with a highly detailed logo. They can also incorporate a reflective element, bringing the logo to life in the dark.

Free Standing Text

Free standing text is just as it sounds, any text that can fit within the space intended on the garment, no background and no picture or logo, just text only. Again, the text can be either reflective or a colour of your choice.

4 thoughts on “Personalisation

  1. Ryan Lea says:

    Can you please give me a cost for the following? Embroidered small logo on front right breast and large logo on lower back all the way across.

    black t shirts, 2 x small, 6 x medium, 2 x large, 1 x xl

    black polo shirts, 2 x small, 6 x medium, 2 x large, 1 x xl

    black polo shirts, 2 x small, 10 x medium, 3 x large

    Kind regards.

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