Working for Signature Uniforms

Working for Signature Uniform

“Wow!!”  My first reaction when saw the outside of the office…

From the outside you would think you’re arriving at a two room office but I was wrong. It was something out of one of Harry Potter’s books. As I walked down towards my office it seems never ending and the office seemed to just get bigger and bigger…

There was machinist to my left, packers to my right and the embroidery machine running doing what it does best…

I came to my decked out office and was quickly introduced to my welcoming colleagues who made me feel right at home. It was really nice to see the owner being really hands on and making sure we was all okay. The owner will come every morning say “Good Morning”, assign us with our tasks and ask us how we are getting along throughout the whole day.

Working alongside the owner really keeps me motivated to do well. As I am working I am gaining some very valuable skills and becoming more confident on Microsoft office as it’s what I use on a daily basis now. I have been introduced to new software like Sage and can now use it with my eyes closed. Here a Signature Uniforms there are many training opportunities. The owner even sends us to do extra training and pays for the courses himself.

Everyone here is very friendly and are very keen to teach you anything you don’t know. There is never a stupid question and there is always communication between staff and owners.


Working for Signature Uniforms was the best decision as I feel it will help me progress and further my career.




Written by:

Habiba Begum (Administrative Assistant)


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Want to wear your jeans to work? You’re not alone.

“If a job’s done well, who cares if it’s achieved in flip-flops?”

It seems most people think that suits are too formal for the office and would prefer to wear jeans. That’s according to a survey carried out by workplace firm Regus.

3,000 adults took part in the survey, with two out of three of those questioned saying they thought it was fine to wear jeans, and three quarters describing a suit and tie as too formal.

Chief executive Richard Morris said: “Everything about the world of work is changing, from where we work to the hours we spend working to what we wear.

“This more relaxed attitude to work wear is a reflection of the fact that the office environment is now a lot less formal in many cases – lifestyle and work are integrating.

“Business leaders are learning fast about measuring on results rather than attendance and presentation. If a job’s done well, who cares if it’s achieved in flip-flops?”

But don’t whip out the tracksuit just yet! Tracksuits were the least popular item of clothing according to the survey. Best keep the workout gear for the gym only.

Well, if you decide to go for a more casual look this summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be on brand. If you decide jeans are OK, why not pair them with a smart t-shirt, shirt or blouse with an embroidered company logo?

We can personalise your uniforms, however informal, helping you maintain a professional image and promote your company.

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We’re exhibiting at the Facilities Show in London!

The largest global Facilities Management event is just around the corner, being held at the Excel in London between 21st and 23rd June, and we can’t wait!

Over 10,000 Facilities Managers meet annually at the Facilities Show to browse more than 15,000 products and we’re looking forward to attending as an exhibitor, showcasing our uniforms and corporate branded workwear, meeting up with contacts old and new.

Take a look at what the Facilities Show 2016 has to offer. It hosts a variety of exciting features on the show floor including the Innovation Trail, the Meet the Buyer’s Zone, and a Networking Bar.

If you’d like to book a time slot to visit us and see how we can help you with your corporate branding, please give us a call before the event on 0121 551 4888.

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Why image-savvy bars and restaurants should tailor staff uniforms too

Image is everything in the trend-setting London bars and restaurants – they like to stay in vogue with the latest craze, often taking inspiration from elegant eateries abroad.

The fad of the moment, for example, is ‘twinning’ – taking two complementary items and fashioning a menu around them.

Walk along the stylish streets of Covent Garden, or even Camden Town, and you might happen across a Champagne and fromage bar, burger and lobster joint or even a Bubbledogs (hot dogs and bubbly, in case you’re wondering!).

The latest pairing to join the ranks is Trufflesecco, twinning truffles and prosecco, very up-market don’t you think?

So, the menu might be bang on trend, but what about the surroundings and staff?

When tailoring a specialist menu, venues usually tailor the decor to suit – but do they also tailor their staff uniforms?

If you really want to go the whole hog and make a meal of the latest trend, you can’t forget to style your staff too! In the same way that chefs understand presentation is key (a dish wouldn’t be the same without those parmesan shavings, swirl of balsamic or sprig of parsley) your front-of-house staff are your brand ambassadors and should look equally as good.

If you’re styling your venue to look like a fancy Florence eaterie, you don’t want your staff letting the side down with a uniform that belongs in McDonalds. You want sleek, you want chic, you want stylish and smart.

An employee’s appearance should underpin your brand, your venue standards and ethos.  It completes the experience and ensures guests really do feel transported to a far-flung destination – if that’s the look and feel you’re going for.

A pristine uniform also adds weight to an employee’s authority and gives those charged to their care confidence in their abilities, and the brand as a whole.

So next time you change your menu or decor to stay hip and trendy, don’t forget to style your staff to suit.  A badly dressed waiter or waitress can ruin the whole customer experience.  If you’ve invested in a menu as fancy as Trufflesecco’s – can you afford not to take that into account?



Coach and bus tour operators take heed – staycationers demand a professional outfit!

Never has it been more important for coach operators to focus on the professionalism of their outfit, in more ways than one, as the Great British Staycation is set to boom this summer.

According to the annual Travelodge holiday index, 67% of Britons will be taking a staycation break in 2016 – meaning lots of lovely business prospects for coach and bus tour operators across the UK.

But competition for staycationers’ business is hot, making it more important than ever for tour operators to up their game and ensure they’re meeting holidaymakers’ expectations at every stage of their journey with the company.

The appearance of coach drivers and tour operators is particularly important. After all, they are the public face of the operation, the customer-facing team who can reinforce or ruin your reputation – and first impressions count.

As much as airline passengers have certain expectations of the way cabin personnel and pilots should look, the same goes for coach tour staff.

An employee’s appearance should underpin the professional standards of the company.  A pristine uniform adds weight to an employee’s authority and gives those charged to their care confidence in their abilities.

Staycationers taking advantage of the ease and value of city breaks or seaside trips offered by coach and bus companies may be looking for an inexpensive alternative to the holiday abroad, but they still demand certain standards.

And with the average British family estimated to take a one-week holiday supported by four short breaks throughout 2016, tour operators can’t afford to fall short of passengers’ high expectations.

There is huge potential for repeat business from happy and satisfied customers – and who wouldn’t want a slice of the £20 billion estimated spend from UK staycationers this year?

Surely this is well worth a small investment to ensure meeters, greeters, drivers and guides look the part – giving a great impression of the tour company before the engine is even switched on?

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Our latest uniform offer is aimed especially at coach and bus tour operators who run a professional outfit – and want their employees’ outfits to demonstrate the same.


Purchase complete uniforms for just £95 per person!*

That’s a minimum saving of £15 per complete uniform, which soon adds up when purchasing multiple uniforms for a team!

Ts & Cs

One complete uniform consists of:

Principal Men’s Trouser

Classic Long Sleeved Shirt

V Neck Sweater

Dockland Jacket

Tie (choice of colours available)

*Minimum spend of £300 per company required to claim discount.

Embroidery is chargeable as an extra – please call to discuss requirements.

Simply the best!

As one of the most competitive Suppliers of Corporate Wear in the U.K. it is important that we only supply ‘the best’ in each ‘style category ‘ – bear in mind we offer a 2 year guarantee – so we have to be really sure that our products are first class.

That is the reason we only align ourselves with Suppliers who have proven garments – covering head to foot.  These are but a few:

1.         Brook Taverner – the largest Supplier of both men’s and ladies structured garments in Europe.  Their extensive ranges and styling helps provide ‘something for everyone’ and can fit almost any shape or size – offering short fittings, regular fittings, and long fittings.

Their ‘entry level Ranges’ are worn by many of the Bus and Coach Companies as they need to be sturdy whilst being stylish and ‘fit for purpose’.  In almost every case the fabrics are washable.

Their ‘mid Ranges’ are more suitable for ‘front of house staff’ where the look has to be sharp as well as practical – both men’s and ladies.

Their ‘top end Ranges’  are stylish and worn by many Financial Institutions and Blue Chip Companies.

2.         Skopes – a longstanding and established Supplier to Retail and Corporatewear.  Particular emphasis is placed on styling and fabrics including their Business Boutique Range, 24/6, and Essential Ranges – meeting the requirements of all their many Corporate customers.  Skopes also have a large and growing Business in Retail, and have numerous Concessions in major High Street Retailers.  Their stock ranges can be seen in Building Societies, Hotels, and other Blue Chip Companies where excellence in Clothing is a must.

3.         Clubclass – as a massive Supplier to Retail this Company has an extensive range of well made, high performance garments.  With their long history and their knowledge of the garment Industry the structure of their garments are second to none.  High performance, hard wearing fabrics, modern styling, and excellent after sales.

4.         Kustom Kit – the leader in providing garments for the Bar and Restaurant Trade.  Slick and modern styling covering all sizes.

5.         Vortex Designs – the Leader in the supply of ladies blouses.  Beautifully made and expert fabric selections have put Vortex in the vanguard of quality blouses and tops.  Their brand new Range for 2014 will be on our website very shortly.

6.         Disley – This Irish based Company has a reputation second to none for quality shirts and blouses – hardwearing, proven fabrics, covering all sizes and styles.

All the above can be seen on our Website and we are happy to quote for ‘Contract customers’ at any time.

Empty promises – coming at a high cost?

Have you thought about what would happen if you regularly let down your customers or overcharged them?

Without checking you may find you are paying way over the odds for EXACTLY the same products.

We think a lot about how to give our customers the best possible products, at the most competitive prices, and provide them with excellent customer service.

You’re probably thinking every Company says ‘we’re different’ and in the most part that is true so I wanted to give a couple of examples how we really do try and offer extra compared to our Competitors.

1 – Two Year Quality Garment Guarantee – We are proud to be one of the very few Corporate and Work Wear Suppliers who offer this benefit. This is not our Supplier’s Guarantee – this is our own personal guaranteeto you. We do this to provide peace of mind and because we are confident in the quality and durability of the products we supply.

2 – Price match promise – Before the Internet it could be a timely process comparing prices to ensure you were getting the best deal for like for like products but now the Internet and e-commerce have brought a whole new level of transparency meaning you can compare prices in minutes – not hours.

We check regularly to make sure you get the best deal – we’re not aware of anyone that sells stock ranges from leading Suppliers at lower prices than us – you can have confidence you won’t get Brook Taverner, Skopes, Clubclass or other leading Brands cheaper elsewhere.

Having done our homework we offer our Price Match promise – we’ll match any price you can find from another Supplier on their standard selling price for like for like stock ranges.

3. – Customer Contact – Do you ever feel taken for granted by your Supplier – call for an answer when you need to know where your order is only to be passed to a different person each time while they “just check the system”.

Well we wouldn’t like that so we don’t expect you to either.  When you deal with us you receive a dedicated Account Manager, your own dedicated point of contact, someone who knows you and your Business. There to help whenever and with whatever you need.

We pride ourselves on speedy delivery and helpful, proactive service. So if you feel like you’ve been taken for granted, forgotten about and given second class service – or paying too much for too little then try Signature Uniforms for a totally different experience.

We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Why Pay More?

Over recent decades the Uniform Industry has experienced many changes with the decline of British Manufacturing and the emergence of quality Stock Ranges becoming available to suit a wide range of uniform and workwear needs.

In the past many large organisations would opt to go through a bespoke tailoring process from design to manufacture, giving them a unique corporate identity, but this was often a timely and more costly process which also had its challenges including sizing variations and stock levels.

In recent years, and with the economic climate being challenging, many Companies have opted for the more affordable and flexible solution by using Stock Ranges from leading suppliers such as Brook Taverner, Clubclass and Skopes – benefiting from reduced costs and time delays while still receiving fantastic quality and Corporate Wear garments that are ‘fit for purpose’.

So – how much can you save – or more importantly how do you know you are not overpaying?

Like many other Industries, suppliers such as Brook Taverner, Skopes and Clubclass are available to the Trade only and as such generally operate a relatively flat price scheme with all Uniform Suppliers buying at similar prices.

So – what are you paying for?

Obviously you are paying for the garments in question but you are also paying for the Company’s overhead who is supplying you, and this is where we know Signature Uniforms has the advantage.

Since our creation we have operated a lean business model and always had a keen focus on keeping our overhead low – enabling us to pass savings to you – and therefore making us one of the most competitive Uniform and Workwear Suppliers not just in Leeds but across the UK.

This approach means we do not need to inflate our prices, so YOU are not paying for things such as big cars for Executives and large shiny offices – someone has to pay for them – and its YOU the customer!

Whether you are interested in the new Performance Collection or Sophisticated Range from Brook Taverner which include Industry leading garments such as the Avalino Jacket and Trouser and Langham suits or their Concept collection which includes core garments including the Alpha Jacket and Delta Trouser – which is an extremely popular garment within the Security Uniform Industry – it is important to not pay more than you should.

We regulalrly spend time checking our Competitors’ prices and are not aware of any that will beat us on price – so when it comes to leading Brands you really should come to us!  We will save your Company serious money whilst offering our unique 2 year quality guarantee, fixed pricing, and excellent after sales.

And its not just Corporate Wear – we are also continually expanding our Workwear Brands as well and are pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of adding the Kustom Kit collection and Russell collection of Corporate workwear and Hospitality products to our Ranges.

If you want fantastic flexibility, quality, first class customer service and above all best value than Signature uniforms are here for you.

Signature – giving security firms peace of mind!

Signature – giving Security Companies peace of mind – Guaranteed quality – and regarded by many as the most Competitive Uniform Supplier in the Industry.

We understand that for many businesses Uniform and Work wear is something that they have to do – rather than want to do.

It is something that must be organised around the main focus, and daily tasks, while delivering their core business activities.

But for some businesses Uniform and Corporate Wear is an important aspect in being able to deliver their service and promote their Identity.

The Security Industry is one such market where uniform is an essential part of kit. We aim to understand our customers and priorities so that we can deliver what is important to them.

We know that for Security Companies delayed deliveries can be extremely costly, knowing that security provision cannot be delivered unless the guard is in the full and correct security uniform.

So from epaulettes, pilot shirts and Hi-visibility jackets to the safety footwear, clip on ties and embroidery etc. we work tirelessly to ensure that orders are fulfilled – complete and on time.

It is this tireless commitment that has led many Security Firms to choose us to deliver their orders and many to trust us to deliver full cross departmental roll outs for their new site openings.

We have delivered affordable, guaranteed quality products and eye catching uniform designs, to many new sites as we understand that it is not only important  to provide a clear presence for the public but also a smart professional image is provided for Security Firms’ clients.

As the Industry develops, and many firms also diversify into Facilities Management, you can rest assured that we can meet all your needs. From cleaning – work wear – security wear – corporate wear – catering uniform – front of house – to portering, ‘Signature’ will meet all your needs so you don’t have to look elsewhere and can continue to receive that peace of mind that we provide – at ‘Signature’ we’ve got it covered.